The Concept Behind Master and Club is that Masters of Any Martial Arts in the World and their Students can use the great features of it.

These Features are Superb and easy to use for their Administration


STUDENT and MASTER are both Student User ID’s. But MASTER has some “Extra features” than STUDENT doesn’t have.

    1. Student can find Master’s Club.
    2. Student can send request to the one Master Club to join them, they can not send request to Master.
    3. Student Can Create their Profile. Students Profile can also be updated from their Master, such as Belt, master name, Club name, organization name, national authority name.
    4. Student Can find Tournament Created By Organizer.
    5. Student can see Event’s Division/Category according to their Age, select it and send its Participation in a selected Tournament.
    6. Student can edit(remove, add) events in their Participation till the current Tournament Date
    7. Student can fill Team Members for Team Match.
    8. Student Can see their tournament Confirmation – yes or not.
    9. Student Cannot Remove his Participation. Instead Student can edit all his events into Empty.
    10. Student can see their Match Bracket/Tie-Sheet when it release by Organizer.
    11. Student Can see Medal and Tournament History.
    12. Student Can see His Match opponents, how many times he won or loose with them.
    1. Master Can Create His Student new Profile one by one or can upload Students bulk List through the formatted excel sheet by Web-app. Student can access it by OTP and than new password.
    2. Master Can Create CLUB to accept/request Students Request and Manage his own Students.
    3. Master can create Group his own Students.
    4. Master can also manage Students Tasks same as Student’s numbering from 3 to 12.
    5. Master can Remove Student from a Tournament Participation.
    6. Master can make Student to play in Upper Age only but Student Cannot do that.
    7. Master can send join request to other Master(one) through his Club to other Master’s Club, Called My Affiliation.
    8. Master can accept other Clubs request in his Club, called his Affiliated Club.
    9. Master can also see his Affiliated Club is Confirmed or not.
  3. CLUB
    1. CLUB is a platform to manage his STUDENT and his Affiliated CLUBS.
    2. Accept Student’s joining request.
    3. create Groups of his STUDENTS.
    4. One Student ID will join one CLUB only.
    5. Edit/Delete/Rejoin his Student’s PROFILE.
    6. One CLUB can also send joining request to other CLUB.
    7. Create own BELT RANKING SYSTEM which will be applied to his Students PROFILE and his “Affiliated CLUBS” PROFILE too.
    1. Create own TOURNAMENT/s and Master will be called ORGANIZER, Tournament will be listed in Tournament List Page.
    2. Tournament can be defined LEVEL as Local/State/National/International.
    3. Type of EVENTS can be allowed, such as “Individual Events and Team Events”.
    4. further Individual Events can be selected as Individual Fight, Individual Performance, Open Individual Fight.
    5. Further Team Events can be selected as Team Fight, Team Performance.
    6. selected event can show the Price of a Particular selected Event.
    7. Organizer can see Participant requests list, Confirmed list, Create Tie-Sheet, Create Score-card etc.
    8. Organizer can award Medals after or current date of his created the Tournament.
    9. Tournament can be Postponed and Re-Published.
    10. Master can Find his STUDENT’S “TOURNAMENT Status and History”.
    11. History with Medals he won, opponents, Matches, Tie-sheets(Fixtures).

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