It takes decades of years to understand the Martial Arts Business. We the Master and Club brought you the great features of Martial Arts Business for Masters.

Type of Martial Arts Business Management Module:

  1. Manage Own Belt Ranking System.
  2. Manage Syllabus for Students and Affiliated Masters.
  3. Manage Admissions and Fee Reminders.
  4. Manage Number of Students.
  5. Manage Exams and Promotions.
  6. Manage Affiliated Clubs and Masters.
  7. Create Customizable Exams, Workshop and other Martial-arts Events.
  8. Create Customizable Tournaments for any Martial-arts.
  9. Manage Saved Tournaments and Participants.
  10. Award Medals for participants after or on current date of a Tournament.
  11. Auto Ranking for Participants on the base of awarded Medals and Loss matches.
  12. Participant’s Statics- Total won/loss matches, Medals, opponents History and Total Points.

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